Jacob & Juliana:Empire Mine Wedding

So how does one even begin to start describing the most special day of their lives? I am still in utter disbelief that this day even happened, someone pinch me please. Empire mine in Grass Valley, CA, was the first and last wedding venue we looked into. We knew instantly this is was our spot for our big day. We fell in love with its gorgeous grounds and historical charm. Planning this day was... okay I am not going to lie, one of the most stressful things ever.  When you first think  of planning a wedding, your initial thoughts are, "oh no big deal, one thing at a time and there you go." Ha! This was not the case for me, having to overcome many challenges and kicking myself tremendously for not saving up to hire that wedding planner, but my mom sure did become my saving grace with all the planning and boy did she make sure I stayed on top of my to do lists. But would I do all over again? You better believe I would do it all again in a heartbeat. The outcome was positively worth it! We had such incredible vendors from our awesome DJ and florist to our wonderful videographer and caterer, we thank each and everyone of you for making our day perfect for us. Yes not everything went as planned, which many people warn you about quite often that it is bound to happen one way or another. The beautiful rented chairs I had selected did not show up in time for us to use for the ceremony, it rained on our parade (literally) with tents blocking the venue's gorgeous views, items and decor were misplaced, and we were running behind schedule (who doesn't?). But once it was all said and done it was the most amazing, spectacular day of our lives celebrated with our closest friends and family. Why you may ask, well because I got to become Jacob Elias Aragon's wife! We felt tremendously loved by all who attended, helped and celebrated. So please take a little time out to view how our magical day played out. A day my husband, Jacob and I will always remember and cherish. 

[Vendors] Venue: Empire Mine State Historic Park, Photographer:Jordan Voth, Videographer: Owl and Tree Films, Caterer: A Family Affair Catering, Florist: A Floral Occasion, Bride's Bouquet: Little Boy Flowers, DJ: Extreme Productions, Tents: The Tent Guy, Bridal Gown: Pronovias, Makeup: Elona Chap and Brittany Velazco, Hair: Candice Campbell

Maui, HI

Maui, do I need to say more? I thought this was a great location to kick start my new travels section of my photography page. I wanted to be able to share some amazing places with you on my travels as they continue throughout the years. I do not travel as much as I would really like to but I am always trying to find new ways to get as much exploring of this beautiful world as possible. 

Maui, HI is like a second home to me and it had been awhile since we were last together, 4 years to be exact. That is too long of seperation in my book. Thankfully my dad pulled me along for our family trip this year and I couldn't have been more excited and thankful. I was anticipating and looking forward to that humid air to smack me in the face when I got off the plane, the warm sand beneath me and the views. Let me just say a week is never enough time on the island, but I did manage to try and squeeze as much as I could in during the time.  

Thank you Tata for an yet another amazing time on Maui! I had an amazing time revisiting some of our favorite spots!

Here are some tips if you are traveling to Maui in the future:

1. You have to stop by the local farmers market for fresh fruit (usually off the sides of the freeway), its simple the best you will ever have!

2. Get up at 2am (yes that early) to head up to Haleakala to watch the sunrise, it is worth it! You are literally above the clouds! And don't worry you can just take a nap on the beach later anyway. 

3. You have to stop by a little restaurant that no one ever knows about, Aloha Mixed Plate, I call it a hidden treasure. It is the best pulled pork you will ever consume!

4. Twin Falls hike is a great spot to check out and swim underneath a waterfall if you are not wanting to do the intense road to Hana excursion. 

5. Finally make sure to plot your tush in the sand at the beach every evening to enjoy that gorgeous sunset!