hello there

Welcome and thank you for visiting my photography site! If you made it to this page I am happy to see you are curious to know who is behind that big bulky camera.

My name is Juliana Aragon, previously Juliana Ljubisavljevic, I am a natural light portrait and wedding photographer based out of Northern California and am always up for travel. I adore stepping outside and venturing to pretty places in search for that perfect golden light while getting to hang out with some pretty awesome genuine people.


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a little more...

I joined the married club in 2016 with my high school sweetheart > check out a few of my wedding portraits and my wedding video down below.

Bella, the little bichon poodle mix pup & Honey Bear,the golden retriever pup, big fluffy blankets, warm scented candles, pretty home decor, florals + foliage and anything in the color white are a few things I can say I have an obsession for. I am a complete house plant hoarder, I currently have 16 in my home.

Coffee + green tea are my friendly daily therapists

Little adventures and big travels are my absolute favorite

Beware if you get in a car with me, I might stop abruptly because I see something that interests me that I want to explore (Yes, I am a bit of a trespasser)

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